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North Star Therapy

Welcome to North Star Therapy, practice of Kelsey Galer, MA, LMHC. Kelsey is a licensed mental health counselor who brings a current and thorough approach to mental health counseling and therapy.

About North Star Therapy
For centuries, the North Star has helped millions of people find their way. Early explorers used the North Star to sail across the ocean at night. During the civil war, it served as a beacon to true north and freedom. Like a good therapist, it offers guidance when you need it most.
Helping in the Pandemic 
In addition to office visits, North Star Therapy is pleased to be able to offer teletherapy, using secure video conferencing.  

What is therapy?
Therapy is an effective, evidence-based method for overcoming mental health challenges and working through difficult transitions. Peoeple who have concerns about their mental health benefit from the open and confidential dialogue with a trusted professional, who can offer guidance and resources as clients work towards their goals.
The therapeutic process is different for everyone. Therapy is tailored to your individual needs.
How does therapy work?
Therapists work with clients to explore issues and find solutions. Visit therapy services to explore more about specific issues.
Whom does North Star Therapy serve?
Clients include children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples.
Mental health issues can be debilitating if left untreated. You shouldn’t have to struggle alone.
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