– Nate

“Great comforting, safe, and balanced environment. I was provided with eh help, love, and guidance I needed to help myself get through anything.”

– Jan

“North Star was brought into my life at just the perfect time. Leading me back to peace and center in a time of chaos and strife.”

– Chris

“Kelsey was there for my son during a very difficult time in his life. He had been bullied & virtually isolated in middle school & was about to start high school. He was reluctant to start counseling, but once he met Kelsey, her calm & peaceful...

– Jason

“Kelsey is wise and attentive. As an adult on the autism spectrum, it’s difficult for me to find therapists that are both patient and capable of providing the individualized therapy I need to get through some of my toughest struggles – but Kelsey...

– Susan

“Kelsey has given me valuable tools for overcoming my struggles with anxiety and depression. She’s been so supportive and well attuned to my needs throughout the process. Since working with her my mental health has improved significantly.”